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Thursday, July 17, 2003


Cobblers, cobblers, cobblers. I think my favorite summertime dessert may be cobbler. But how many times have I ordered cobbler in a restaurant only to be served a crisp, or a crumble or some other abomination? A cobbler MUST have a cobbled crust, either made of a sweet pastry pie dough or a sweetened biscuit dough. It should look like a cobble stone street, not a gravel top roof!

I have a wonderful cobbler recipe and have been using different fruit combinations such as rhubarb and strawberry or plum and peach. I particularly like a sweet and tangy fruit combo to compliment the crisp and soft topping. The topping I use is a very simple biscuit with some added bits of crystalized ginger. It's topped with a little buttermilk and sugar and when it comes out of the oven--heaven! A good cobbler should be a scrumptious melange of crisp, soft, sweet, tangy, all to be topped with some good vanilla ice cream. Now that's what I call dessert.