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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Editorial & Advertising Policies


Samples, review copies & special offers
This blog is about food. I write about gourmet products, recipes, cookbooks, restaurants, cookware, wine, spirits and more. Generally speaking I do not cover chain, fast food restaurants or supermarket products though there may be a rare exception from time to time. I am a woman, but I am NOT a mom, so please don't pitch me about family-oriented products!

I do accept some review copies and samples, but I cannot and will not commit to writing about your product, service or establishment. Even though you contact me about this blog, it's quite possible I will write about your product, service or establishment for another publication instead. If I am on assignment for another publication I will tell you. Please email me and let me know what you are offering, if I am interested I will gladly send you my mailing address.

Cooking with Amy is a blog I maintain for pleasure, not for profit. I do not accept advertising because I think it's nice to have a little corner of the web that is free of advertising. Don't you? Plus if you see an ad on my site, you might make the understandable mistake that I am endorsing something. That said, if, for example, Cuisinart, a brand I truly love, wants to pay me $25,000 to place an ad on this site, I may change my mind. But don't hold your breath.

Guest blogging
All posts are written by me, Amy Sherman. I'm sorry but you cannot be a "guest blogger." If you want to hire me to write for you, please feel free to contact me.

Exchanging links & links for sale
If you spend any time at all on my site, you will see I do not maintain a blogroll. There are so many good blogs out there, even I can't keep up so please don't ask me to exchange links with you. Also I do not sell links. You are welcome to add a link to my blog if you so choose but you cannot buy a link from me or be added to my non-existent blogroll.

Content stealing
Do you know what this means?

©2019 Cooking with Amy. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

Among other things, it means you cannot republish my blog using an RSS feed. Just because I offer an RSS feed for my blog, does not give you permission to steal.


Tastemaker, Spokesperson & Branded Recipes
Because I write about food and develop recipes for a living, there may be times when I write about brands where I have a paid relationship. Some clients prefer that I do not write about the recipes I develop for them, but when I can write about them, I will because I think it's of value to my readers. In any case, I will ALWAYS disclose the details of my arrangement.

I live in San Francisco, California. You are welcome to invite me to any events you like. I no longer maintain a Bay Area Food Events calendar on the site. Events I write about are generally"fun and affordable." If it is not "fun and affordable" it is possible I will still attend your event and write about it.

Comments are for readers to express their point of view or add to the conversation. A comment is not a place for ads, spam or a way to contact me directly. If you use the comments section in this way, I will have to delete your comment. If you have an offer or want to reach me directly, email me and I will get back to you.

Reprinting recipes:
In accordance with the concept of fair use, you may print and use my recipes. However they MAY NOT be reprinted for publication unless I specifically grant permission. Newspapers, magazines and non-profits will be given priority. Any other requests will be considered on a case by case basis. I make a living developing recipes, not from blogging.