Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Favorite Things Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water

I first encountered Victoria's Kitchen almond water at the Winter Fancy Food Show this past January. I was struck by how refreshing it was. It's not creamy like almond milk, but thinner and lighter and not too sweet. It has no artificial flavors or colors and while the way it is made is a secret, it's ingredients are only  water, sugar, natural almond flavor (whatever that is!) and citric acid. There's something almost dewy about it. I really like it. So when I had the opportunity to receive some samples I said "yes." I thought I'd play around with it and see if I could develop some mixed drinks. 

Let the record show, I am not a bartender. Not even close. I think it's part of the reason I am so in awe of bartenders. They are like alchemists, balancing flavors in ways that amaze me They delight  me with their concotions. I tried pairing almond water with rum, bourbon, orange liquor, gin and even coffee liquor. Did I mention I am not a bartender? 

I can tell you that almond water is fantastic in hot cocoa, and in warm and cold milk. It has some real affinities with rum, but you'd have to be adept at creating drinks to come up with the right cocktail using it. There are some sophisticated cocktail recipes on the Victoria's Kitchen almond water web site. It's not a very expensive mixer and it's delicious both hot and cold. You can also find a store locator