Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving Disasters--And How to Avoid Them

Thanksgiving 101
Back before Katie Holmes became famous for being the wife of Tom Cruise she gave a very memorable performance in the movie, Pieces of April. With any luck it will join the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as a TV classic. In the film the black sheep April attempts to make a Thanksgiving dinner for her very suburban family in her Lower East Side gritty apartment. Lots of her neighbors make cameo appearances as April struggles to get dinner on the table. It's a funny and touching film with a bit of of an indy edge to it. You can see the movie trailer here.

Thanksgiving disaster stories are nothing new so it's no wonder it ended up as the theme of a movie. I once heard a story about someone who was invited to spend Thanksgiving with some new friends. All year they looked forward to a big turkey dinner but their friends served only baked ham! Everyone has probably heard the story about someone who forget to defrost the turkey and ended up having to order Chinese food.

So what's your Thanksgiving nightmare? Forgetting to remove the bag of giblets? Leaving the sugar out of the pie? Tell me your worst or funniest Thanksgiving story in the comments and on Thursday I'll choose three winners who will receive a copy of Rick Rodger's book Thanksgiving 101.You must include your email with your comment to win (it won't be published). Only one entry per person. If you have won a book on this site in the last six months you will not be eligible to win.

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