Sunday, October 07, 2007

More Fear of Frying

Fried Risotto Cakes
So here's another reason to hate frying. What a mess! To make delectably crispy and golden risotto cakes I had to dip sticky cold risotto in flour, then in beaten egg and finally in panko, a kind of Japanese crumb. Delicious? Sure. But what a bother! I know some people get stuck with leftover risotto but I never do. Maybe it's due to practice, I can eyeball exactly how much I need to make. I've been making it ever since I learned how in Italy almost twenty years ago. I love it. Not as much as pasta, but I do love it.

Risotto should be served fresh, it should be "al dente" not nearly as soft as regular steamed rice and it should be saucy. It should ooze. It's the perfect palette for seafood or vegetables. I've made it with everything from spring peas to mushrooms to winter beets. There is even a recipe for making it with strawberries.

If you do have leftover risotto, frying it up is probably the best solution short of tossing it out. Plain, oniony or mushroom risotto all work well. But I'm warning you now, it will be messy.