Monday, April 09, 2007

Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book

Today a quick break from Passover posts to let you know about Jane Grigon's Vegetable Book. While I may not have a massive book deal like some other food bloggers, I am very proud to have written the introduction to this new American reprint of a classic book, published by Bison Books, University of Nebraska Press.

Jane Grigson is one in a line of great British food writers that includes people like Elizabeth David, Claudia Roden, and Nigella Lawson. I was really pleased to be chosen to write the introduction to her book because even though it is almost thirty years old, it is as relevant as ever. Her writing is straight-forward, funny and well-researched, all things I admire.

Grigson loved food and loved the wonderful bounty of fresh produce in England. She knew that British food was no joke, and was eager to see enthusiasm for all that was fresh, homegrown and delicious. The recipes in the book are not necessarily healthy or even vegetarian, but are tastes from many countries using the best possible ingredients available to her.

If you are not familiar with Jane Grigson I hope you will read my post today over at the University of Nebraska Press blog or better yet, pick up a copy. With great stories in addition to great recipes, it's one of those books that can live happily in your kitchen or on your nightstand.

Over at the University of Nebraska Press blog is my post on Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book, check it out!