Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Oldways Table

Everything old is new again. That could easily be the subtitle for The Oldways Table, which is actually subtitled essays and recipes from the culinary think tank. I am a newcomer to Oldways. I only recently discovered the organization and their website. But once I did I was intrigued. It is focused on the principles of nutrition, tradition and sustainability.

Oldways which was founded in 1988 to advocate for "better eating and drinking" presents a veritable treasure trove of articles and recipes that are surprisingly accessible. The articles are written by authors, farmers, food writers, chefs, all kinds of people who have something to say about food. It's a funny kind of book, not quite a cookbook, or a reference book, or just a collection of essays. It's a bit like a magazine but of the most timeless sort with a little taste of many things.

What will you find inside? Cracked Green Olive and Walnut Salad recipe from Paula Wolfert, Pasta Rings with Cauliflower and Bread Crumbs from Julia Della Croce, Barbara Lynch's Creamy Vanilla Bread Pudding with Cherry Compote. Articles like Marian Morash's Hunter-Gathering, Deborah Madison's Farmers' Market and Its Web of Connection, Ari Weinzweig's On Choosing Olive Oil, Melissa Clark's Babas and Lemons. So many treasures! Each chapter on a type of food such as grains, fruits and vegetables, cheese and yogurt or wine will inspire you next time you are in the kitchen or at the table.