Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sometimes reading a blog is like making a friend. You get to know them better every time you hang out together. And so it is with This Little Piglet. From reading Lia's blog I know she works for the Food Network and that she's eaten at some of my favorite places in Seattle and at places I'm dying to try in New York. Though she hasn't been blogging long, her recipe index reads like my to do list. There isn't one dish on it that doesn't appeal to me.

I eat soup all year long, but I've got to admit it's especially appealing in Winter. So for those of you in a soup mood, check out The Gracious Bowl, a blog all about soup. Did I mention this blog features a recipe for prosciuttons? Check it out!

Cooking Gadgets. Oh my, why did it take me so long to discover this guilty pleasure of a site? Cooking gadgets is filled with equal parts stuff you long for and stuff you can't help but laugh at...