Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Picky Eaters (and the people who love them)

I try to be a tolerant person. Really I do. But I tell you, picky eaters make me a bit crazy. I know they don't choose to be picky, but it can be so irritating to be around people who are fussy about what they eat and rule out eating certain foods entirely.

I know people who won't eat food of certain colors (white in particular), textures (creamy or sticky foods) and then those who have this thing about "mixing foods" for example no sweet flavors with meat, and those who avoid lists of certain foods like raisins, raw foods, powdered sugar. The worst are people who have such a short list of foods they will eat that dining with them is practically impossible.

I really don't know who has the bigger problem the picky eaters or me for my intolerance! Mostly I feel sorry for people who miss out on delicious things. Just recently there was an article in the Washington Post about picky eaters and a follow up piece on NPR that explored the causes of picky eating.

Apparently most picky eaters had issues with food in childhood. According to the article recently more people than ever are seeking treatment for this "disorder". If possible, exposing kids to a variety of food early on can help. A really cool new book Food Adventures is designed to introduce children to "flavors from around the world" and could help prevent kids from becoming picky eaters. For picky eating adults there is an online support group, Picky Eating Adults. Now if only there was a support group for those of us who have to put up with picky eaters...