Saturday, October 28, 2006

Inside the Kitchen--Something Sweet

If there is anything sweeter than a French chef, it must be his pastries. This afternoon renowned Pastry Chef Frederick Robert the Executive Pastry Chef at Wynn Las Vegas Resort (who spent 25 years working with Alain Ducasse) treated us to a demostration of three unique desserts.

We learned how to make a sweet ravioli, using double "oo" flour. This was filled with a lemon pastry cream and served with fresh passion fruit juice and lemongrass sauce. His ravioli was crisped up on one side, soft on the other. Next came another Italian inspired dessert, Chocolate Bombolones. A brioche dough was filled with a chocolate ganache and deep fried, served with an anglaise sauce. Not particularly diet friendly, but delicious!

Finally we had my favorite dessert, a shortbread topped with a slice of roasted pineapple, a vanilla parfait, and pineapple sorbet. The fruit served with this was a concasse of pineapple and green apple. This dessert exemplified the chef's philosophy of including something, sweet, something acidic, something crunchy, something soft and something creamy, all in one dish. Bravo! But do I have room for dinner? I hope so...