Saturday, September 30, 2006

This week's theme is recipes from history.

If you haven't already discovered The Old Foodie you ought to take a look. Here you'll find illustrations, stories and recipes from history each weekday. This post caught my attention because I had just bought Brother Juniper's Struan bread this week. It's all about the history of Struan Micheil or St. Michael's Cake.

The 18th Century Cuisine blog often comes up with some interesting recipes, this week it is Sumac Syrup. Sounds like something I might try. I don't think I have a source for fresh sumac, but it looks like you can make the recipe with fruit of berries of your choice.

Stretching the definition of "history", next is a recipe that takes me back to my childhood. Fruit leather was something my own mother made for my sister and me. If you have too many pears, check out Gourmet Mango's recipe for pear fruit leather.