Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Read All About It

Welcome new readers! Today I woke up to discover this blog had been mentioned in two places--at Elise's web site Simply Recipes and also at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. I have to say, it is awfully nice to be noticed.

This blog is almost three years old. Initially it was a way for me to share my thoughts about food, cooking, dining out, etc. But it evolved. I found myself taking extra care when making recipes so that I could post them here. Then I created an archive "Get Cooking!" where you can find links to past recipes. I use this all the time. The recipes are all ones I think are worth repeating.

I also write for two other locally focused publications, KQED's food blog, Bay Area Bites and SF Station. At SF Station I primarily write restaurant reviews and over at KQED I write cookbook reviews and do lots of interviews.

Finally over at Dannon's web site, you can find more of my posts and original recipes all using yogurt, now through the end of June.

So where do I find recipes and inspiration? All over the place. I have a huge cookbook collection which keeps growing and growing. I also search for recipes on the web. Reading blogs like Elise's, Matt's and Heidi's to name a few inspire me and make me hungry to cook up my own versions of everything from banana bread to pesto. Epicurious, FoodTV and Cooking Light web sites also have lots of recipes and plenty of reader comments to help sort out which are the good ones. But I get plenty of ideas from my cookbooks too. Lately I've turned to books by Gordon Ramsay, Peter Gordon and Nigella Lawson for great ideas and solid techniques. And then there is dining out. I have recreated several dishes I've had in restaurants such as ravioli salad and Monte Cristo sandwiches.

Over at DannonKitchen is my take on guacamole.