Sunday, March 12, 2006

This week my choice of posts range from sensible to shocking to sublime. I hope you enjoy them.

Can you make a delectable meal completely by shopping at Trader Joe's? Sure you can! Stephanie of The Grub Report frequently does and shares her top picks.

While out shopping with the very same Stephanie, I came upon a butcher's counter with huge slabs of pork belly.
The first little voice said "go for it".
While the second little voice said "you have jumped off the gym bandwagon you may NOT buy that".
Apparently the first little voice had more luck with Derrick at Obsession with Food, who shares his handiwork with a ten pound slab.

Want to be your own Pierre Herme? Ok then check out Food Musings chocolate truffle adventures. After Catherine's success, I am tempted to try this one with orange or kumquat peel instead of lime...that is if the second little voice doesn't win out again.

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