Friday, February 03, 2006

San Francisco, now in Jell-o!

Really. The City. In Jell-o. Would I make that up? Nope. In fact I discovered it on a couple other blogs, both here and here. How is it done? In the artist, Liz Hickok's words:

"I make the landscapes by constructing scale models of the architectural elements which I use to make molds. I then cast the buildings in Jell-O. Similar to making a movie set, I add backdrops, which I often paint, and elements such as mountains or trees, and then I dramatically light the scenes from the back or underneath. The Jell-O sculptures quickly decay, leaving the photographs and video as the remains."

Tonight ONLY come see what promises to be an amazing installation at the Exploratorium . For the price of admission, attend the opening night party of the exhibit "Reconsidered Materials". From 7 to 9 pm the whole museum will be filled with performances, films, a live DJ and one-night-only artworks, such as this one.

Reconsidered Materials explores the subtle and abstract relationships objects have with the materials of which they’re made. The exhibit is on through June 18th but the Jell-o is only on display tonight. As added incentive Campari is one of the sponsors (so you know what beverage will be served).

Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon St
San Francisco

Museum admission:
Members FREE; Adults (18-64) $13.00
University Students (with ID) People with disabilities, Youth (13-17) & Senior Citizens (65+) $10.00
Children (4-12) $8.00
Children Under 4 FREE

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