Thursday, January 19, 2006

O Look What's in Store!

California Safeway markets are now featuring a whole line of organic products labeled O Organics. Looks like Safeway is finally jumping on the bandwagon. It's about time I'd say. Just this past September Safeway announced a program of commitments to health and wellness including nutritional icons on Safeway branded items, partnership with Dr. Dean Ornish and a line of organic products.

I used to do most of my grocery shopping at supermarkets like Safeway, but then along came warehouse stores, and Trader Joe's, ubiquitous farmer's markets, Webvan then organic produce delivery. My trips to the supermarket became less and less frequent. My experience shopping at supermarkets when I did go, was less and less pleasant and they seemed to not be carrying products I was looking for anyway. For example just recently I found myself in a Safeway and discovered they had eliminated dry ancho chiles. Dried chiles are a staple item for me and I always thought Safeway did a better job with "ethnic products" but it just goes to show that supermarkets are no longer the one-stop-shop they used to be for many of us. And I don't even shop at a Walmart, one of the biggest competitors for supermarkets.

The O Organics line includes fresh dairy products, eggs, juices, sauces, frozen fruits and vegetables and snack foods like chips, pretzels, cookies and popcorn. I haven't tried any O products yet, but I do hope they are good and offer value for consumers who have clearly demonstrated their desire for organic products. Supermarkets might not be "super" but Safeway certainly is taking steps in the right direction. A few other food bloggers have recently pointed out their own reasons why they like Safeway, check out Click Blog Appetit's post about Safeway's Creme Brulee and Food Musings praise of their good selection and friendly people.