Saturday, September 03, 2005

I've never been to Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana. But I've always dreamed of going to New Orleans. I've seen and heard so much about it especially from other food bloggers. This past week many food bloggers shared their memories of New Orleans and pledged their support to the people in need in the region. Take a look at some of my top picks for posts about New Orleans:

Gastronomie wrote a beautiful tribute to New Orleans, that includes the sight, sounds and flavors that made it so special to her.

Tana at Small Farms wrote about how New Orleans turned her into a foodie. Photographs, song lyrics and a taste of the politics of our country are explored in her thoughtful post.

Amy at Beauty Joy Food shares something that may comfort us all, a signature recipe of New Orleans, for bread pudding with hard sauce. She is also involved in organizing a fundraiser so take some comfort in her post, her recipe and share the comfort by opening up your wallet.

I've been a fan of NOLA Foodie for ages. I was greatly relieved to know he is safe but his post about being in Chicago without a job and in all likelihood no home to return to broke my heart. Kevin asks for help finding a temporary bartending job, if you know of something please help someone like Kevin who is not asking for a hand out, but and a hand up.

Finally a web site has been set up to organize bloggers in fundraising and also provides tons of links for how you can help, please visit.

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