Sunday, September 11, 2005

Have you ever wondered what happens when food meets design? You'll have to head over to Movable Feast to find out! This week Louisa reported back from a special exhibition in Paris that attempts to answer that very question.

This week one particular recipe caught my eye. It's a delicious idea for making gravlax. In Praise of Sardines posted the recipe which uses lemongrass instead of dill. As is pointed out in the post, the wild salmon season is almost over. At the Alemany Farmer's Market I found bunches of lemongrass for only 50 cents yesterday, surely kismet!

Finally My Little Kitchen and A Full Belly both pointed out a new search engine. While it's only just launched, check out Foodie View and give it a whirl next time you are looking for recipes.

Next week stay tuned for another contest at Cooking with Amy.