Thursday, September 01, 2005

Google Cafeteria Review

The biggest problem with eating at the Google cafeteria is one of too many choices. What's for lunch? Ask Google and you get 8,520,000 results in .28 seconds. The philosophy of providing a vast number of high quality choices very quickly seems to have permeated the cafeteria. The day I was there I was nearly paralyzed trying to decide between an Angus steak, Chinese stir fried pea greens, shimp tacos or Indian food. As it turned out I clicked here and there just like being online, trying a bit of this and a bit of that.

I finally chose the Cornish game hen and a spicy tomato relish. I also partook of some cauliflower, chana masala, a speck of lentils, rice, an eggplant casserole and I loaded up on raspberries and strawberries, knowing that the kitchen prefers to serve organic produce. Ok, a bit strange selection I admit, but I'm somewhat indecisive by nature. The chana masala was mild but very fresh tasting, definitely restaurant quality. A saucy dish of spiced chick peas, it had a comforting appeal. The eggplant casserole was the least interesting dish. It was too bland and soggy. I'm not quite sure what they were attempting to achieve with it.

The game hen was good but not spectacular. It was a little salty though still juicy and flavorful. But frankly I would have eaten cardboard if it came with such a scrumptious tomato relish. The relish burst in my mouth with hot and sweet flavors at the same time. I couldn't identify all the spices but I would have bought a jar of the stuff if it had been available. The tomatoes were probably roasted and the relish had a chunky texture thanks to caramelized onions.

Lost in my spicy tomato relish rapture I completely forgot to try dessert. Not only that but I only experienced one of several cafes available on campus. Did I mention the free valet parking and the opportunity to dine al fresco? Fortunately I have an open invitation to return so I may be sharing some more cafeteria experiences again. A big thanks to a certain blogger and her husband the Google employee who is eating at Nobu this week while she is suffering through Kosher vegetarian camp food...