Monday, August 15, 2005

Food (and wine) Bloggers Picnic/Barbecue

Top 5 ways you know a food and wine blogger picnic is successful:

1. Your clothes and hair smell sweetly of smoke, and you like it

2. You are so full from eating all afternoon you have to skip dinner:

Mmm Adrienne's summery fresh succotash with the sweetest corn ever

My herby potato salad, no mayo, no onions!

Sam's super local salad of oven roasted tomatoes, purslane, sorrel and chevre

Dr. Biggles smoky pork roast stuffed with chard and walnuts

Shuna's scrumptious berry pie
This is only a small sampling of the spread...

3. You're inspired to design a new bumper sticker:

4. Many attendees post about it the very next day:
Becks & Posh


Love & Cooking



Even someone who didn't make it posts about it:
Grub Report

5. Bacon is served as an appetizer, yup, you heard right, just slices of sizzling bacon...