Monday, December 06, 2004

Welcome to Campeche

Campechanos are foodies. That is what my guide book seems to indicate anyway. I would agree.

Campeche is farther south than Merida and right on the sea. Not surprisingly the seafood is excellent. Shrimp tostadas, seafood cocktails, and some more unusual offerings. One specialty of Campeche is pan de cazon, layers of chopped cooked shark between tortillas and smothered in a spicy tomato sauce then baked. Another specialty is arroz con pulpo, a dish similar to arroz con pollo only with chunks of tender octopus in place of the chicken. The rice here is delicately seasoned and studded with onions and peppers.

I cannot resist checking out the markets in each town or city we visit. Each vendor carefully arranges their produce for maximum effect. Here in Campeche, the fresh fruit and vegetable stands also sell conserved fruits in syrup. The jars are everywhere but way too large to carry home. Also candy with honey is a local ubiquitous treat found in markets, pharmacies, etc.

Like in Merida, in Campeche ice cream and popsicles are available all the time as ice cream stores are open from dawn to I-do-not-know-when. It is just so damned hot all the time...