Friday, December 10, 2004

Tacos Dorado

I used to think I knew what tacos were. Back in the old days they were bright yellow crunchy crisp pre-formed shells made of corn filled with ground beef, some spices shredded iceberg lettuce, chopped tomato and a shred of cheddar. That was all I knew.

Soft tacos are usually what we know think of as authentic. They are soft corn tortillas with a spoonful of chopped meat or chicken or seafood, sometimes organ meats--tongue, brain, etc. A taco might have a little chopped cilantro or onion on it but not much else. Well, not here in Mexico.

Tacos Dorado are more like taquitos, filled with a barbequed chicken, rolled up and fried crisp. They are topped with shredded iceberg and crema and sliced of tomato and onion, maybe some crumbled queso. Tacos Arracheras are even more unlike traditional soft tacos. A flour tortilla is filled with melted cheese, a dab of refried beans, chopped marinated and grilled beef filet, and so much guacamole it oozes out the sides. Like a Philly cheesesteak it is an indulgence not to be taken lightly!

Here on the lake at Bacalar the views are spectacular and the hammock endlessly beckons you to rest, nap, and dream of the next meal.