Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dinner at Mimi's

Did you ever eat in a restaurant that was not really a restaurant? On this trip we have eaten at taquerias, restaurants, cafes, cocina economica places, and loncherias. We also ate at Mimi´s which was something else entirely.

Mimi is from Mexico City one of the worlds largest cities. It is congested and polluted and vibrant and alive. But Mimi was not healthy and her doctor told her to move to the country. She found a spot she liked very much at Laguna Bacalar. The lake is also known as the lake of seven colors. Imagine a large shallow lake surrounded by wildlife, especially tropical birds. The lake ranges from turquoise to opal to grey to navy blue--all at the same time. It is peaceful and beautiful.

After three years Mimi's health was much improved. She and her husband made plans to return to Mexico City, but then they did not go. They stayed. It was just too nice at Laguna Bacalar to leave. So Mimi decided that she would open a restaurant but it seemed no one is willing to sell or even rent to her near the main square where there is no other restaurant around.

Driving the costera or coast line of the lake you will find houses that have signs indicating Mexican meals or Comidas. If you ring the bell at Mimi's house, she will invite you to her terrace to one of three tables and serve you a homemade meal. When we were there the menu was asado de res or a rich and chile infused beef stew, served with it was rice and black beans and fresh carrots. An appetizer of nachos was served and for dessert an unusual and divine almond flan. Everything was terrific and a terrific break from restaurant food. She charged us less than $10 a piece. I hope she gets to open a real restaurant soon, I would love to try it. But in the meantime I enjoyed a home cooked meal and the company of a gracious hostess in the midst of all the restaurant meals.