Thursday, October 21, 2004

Calories in Bubble Tea?

Ever wonder how people end up at Cooking with Amy? I do, so I take a look at the referring pages, as they are known. Plenty of times readers find my site when searching for information on the internet. Just this week searches for "cooking turkey legs", "pupusa facts", "fried pork chops" and "pumpkin cake recipes" led people to my site.

A common search is for "hors d'oeuvres recipes", with hors d'oeuvres usually misspelled. Because I posted something about all the funny misspellings of the word, my site invariably turns up.

By far the most common search phrase is "how many calories in bubble tea?" "how many carbs in bubble tea?" "is bubble tea fattening?" or some variation on this theme. It turns out that this is the most popular question that leads people to my site. Why they end up referred here, I don't know, but after a year of seeing this question I decided it was time to find an answer to their questions.

Using the key word "nutrition" and bubble tea, I found a site dedicated to Singapore Food Facts. It is a few years out of date, and I am just assuming that Singaporean bubble tea is the same as everyone else's bubble tea, but here is the answer to that burning question.

According to Singapore Food Facts, Ministry of Health, 1999

Plain bubble tea has
160 calories
.4 grams protein
6 grams of fat
27 grams of carbohydrates
0 fiber or cholesterol
156 milligrams of calcium

Bubble tea with milk has
132 calories
14.4 grams of fat
24.4 grams of carbohydrates
no fiber or cholesterol
204 milligrams of calcium

Bubble tea with milk and tapioca pearls has
340 calories
13.6 grams of fat
52.7 grams of carbohydrates
1.7 grams of dietary fiber
no cholesterol
217 milligrams of calcium

I hope whoever is dying to know this can sleep better now, I know I can.

For more about this wacky drink (purportedly named after big breasts!) you can read my earlier post about it here