Wednesday, September 29, 2004

FoodSmarts, WineSmarts

There is something oddly satisfying about being able to impress your friends and family by showing off all the meaningless information that you know. Remember when Trivial Pursuit was all the rage? And how long has Jeopardy! been on TV anyway? Trivia games are positively addicitive.

Last night I was watching Napa Style with Michael Chiarello, who is a renowned local chef and restauranteur. The show featured recipes for "game night" and the game they were playing was a food trivia game called FoodSmarts. Genius! Why didn't anyone think of this before? And how come no one told me about it?

I was amazed at how challenging the questions were. I tend to think I know something about food, but I didn't get them all right. In fact when I checked out the product online, and tried the demo, I got even fewer of the answers right. Oddly enough I seemed to do better with the wine version...WineSmarts

Do you know what Bombay Duck is? Think you know what "reserve" means on a wine bottle? See if you really do by checking out the trivia. Both FoodSmarts and WineSmarts were created by Smartsco a trivia game manufacturer that also sells SexSmarts and coming soon, ChocolateSmarts. Imagine a trivia game based solely on chocolate. Crazy! But probably a lot of fun. If you visit the web site you can find out where to purchase the game, and try out a few questions for yourself.