Saturday, June 05, 2004

Cake Love:Shop

Growing up, a chocolate eclair was a highly desirable delicacy. Always tucked away in the bakery case, it promised a sensually luscious, chocolatey, creamy experience that was impossible to eat without making a mess. It seems in retrospect that chocolate eclairs were more commonly available back in the 70's than they are today. So on the rare occasions that Lee or I find one now, we feel compelled to order it. Perhaps it is our Proustian sweet, allowing us to recapture a bit of our childhood. In any case, it sure beats a madeleine...!

Cake Love is a terrific bakery on the historic U Street in Washington DC. Dedicated to creating the most delicious cakes, they also serve one of the most obscenely oversized chocolate eclairs ever seen. It speaks to the passion of the owner and baker. Our national ideology is based on the idea that no matter who you are, with enough hard work and passion, anything is possible, so it seems particularly fitting in DC that a lawyer by trade would discover his true passion for baking cakes and chuck a promising legal career to open a bakery.

Cake Love has recently expanded with a cafe across the street, the perfect place to indulge in dessert. And if you don't want to tackle the eclair, you can choose amongst cakes with wonderful names like Heavenly Hazey, My Downfall, Sassy and Susie's a Pink Lady. If you find yourself in our nation's capitol head over to Cake Love and experience the passion and a little bit of the American dream for yourself.

Cake Love
1506 U Street, NW
Washington DC