Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Potluck Stories

Here's my theory. Everyone has a good potluck story. I know I've got a couple. When I was growing up potlucks were very popular. It's economical for one thing and there is the pride in showing off your culinary skills of course. Personally I feel a great deal of pressure nowadays if asked to bring something. What if I mess up? My reputation is on the line! These days potlucks aren't as common among my set. The only potluck events I can think of are my parents annual 4th of July party, my book club and Christmas cookie parties.

The first potluck I can remember attending was with my family and I must have been in one of the primary grades. I think it was a school or Campfire girl event and several parents were in charge of bringing main dishes. Maybe 4 or 6 main dishes all together, I can't remember. What I do remember is that all the main dishes without exception were lasagne. All different of course, but still what are the odds?

My other potluck story has to do with my parents famous 4th of July party. A big annual outdoor event with 60-100+ people; my dad barbecues sausages most of the afternoon and invitees are instructed to bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert. One year in particular almost every other salad brought was tabouli. The funny thing is, when anyone would tell this story to someone not from the San Francisco Bay Area the invariable response was--what's tabouli? (for those who don't know, tabouli or tabbouleh is a middle-eastern bulgar wheat salad see the picture above this post)

If you have a good potluck story, I invite you to post it here in the comments section. Potluck style. With any luck we'll end up with enough for a meal.