Thursday, October 02, 2003


The harvest is in! The tomatillo harvest that is. I got some earlier this year in one of my organic produce box deliveries. But it was only a handful so I made a fresh chopped salsa and that was it. This time around I have a couple of pounds so I am experimenting.

When I was growing up my mom grew tomatillos and cooked them into a green sauce for Mexican dishes. The tomatillo comes from Mexico so Mexican dishes make sense. Tomatillos are funny little fruit that look like green cherry tomatoes covered with a papery husk. A member of the nightshade family they are related to tomatoes and sometimes even called Mexican Green Tomatoes. They are high in vitamin C and vitamin A. They have a wonderful tangy flavor that lends a citrus-like quality in cooking. Tomatillos can be eaten raw, roasted, sauteed, or blanched.

So by now perhaps you might be wondering what I did with my batch of tomatillos? We had salmon for dinner and so I made a salsa out of avocado and tomatillos pureed raw in the food processor. I added a spoon or two of chipotle salsa to give it some depth. It was delicious! With the rest of the tomatillos I'm going to make a green sauce for enchiladas. If there is one thing I never get bored of it's Mexican food. I could eat it all week long. Couldn't you?