Wednesday, August 27, 2003

No Clean Up Cook Book

So I have this idea for a cookbook. There is a gimmick because if you look on any cookbook shelf you will quickly discover, the "great" cookbooks have all been written. Now it's all about Toast, or Duck or Blender recipes. Honestly, I kid you not, I saw a cookbook devoted to toast the other day. And it wasn't on the clearance table, well, not yet anyway.

In my household I do the cooking 99% of the time. And that's fine with me especially because early on Lee decided to do all the washing up. Not just the dishes, but the pots and pans, and even the appliances and counter tops get a good wiping down most nights of the week. On occasion the kitchen floor gets washed too. Needless to say when I cook something that uses less than 3 pots and pans and an equal number of bowls, I have made someone very, very happy. Which brings me to my cookbook idea:

"The No Clean Up Cook Book"

In it I would have recipes for things that use one pot or pan or less. So obviously lots of tin foil and parchment paper would get pressed into use. A big chapter on soups, some composed salads. Some assemblage style entrees. Maybe sandwiches? I'm thinking that any food skewered and placed in the broiler would be good too. The real challenge of course will be multiple courses...I suppose if it's successful there will be follow ups--The No Clean Up Breakfast Book, The No Clean Up Dessert Book.

If you want to steal my brilliant idea, be my guest. I have a feeling I know one person who just might be your first customer.