Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blog Updates...

I know, things are pretty quiet around here, but I've been really busy lately with work. However you can check out some other posts I've written recently, better yet, bookmark or subscribe to GlamDish and Bay Area Bites.

I am fascinated by the fifth flavor, umami. The Umami Information Center is hosting what sounds like a terrific symposium in San Francisco with very famous chefs, next month. Read about umami, the symposium, dinners and get a recipe at Bay Area Bites.

Cookbook Giveaway! Every month there is a giveaway at Glam Dish and today you can win one of three Tastebooks. Haven't heard of Tastebook yet? It's a great way to make your own custom cookbook. Check it out here.

Other recent posts on Glam:

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I'm taking tomorrow off for my birthday, but I will post more soon, I promise, including a recipe for spaghetti with walnuts and anchovies, a twist on tiramisu, and a whole bunch more about my recent trip to Italy.