Friday, August 17, 2007


honey jars
My name is Amy and I am a honeyaholic. Sure, I have a lot of jam and mustard in my fridge but I think it's honey that takes the cake. I currently have 13 different containers of honey. Actually it's 14 because I also have a big can of honey that I use when I make granola but I didn't include that in the photo. I personally pledge not to buy anymore honey until I get down to a more reasonable number. What number is that? I really couldn't say...

So let me introduce you to some stars in the honey bunch. On the left we have Italian chestnut honey and backup chestnut honey. I greatly fear running out of chestnut honey. It has an almost bitter pollen flavor that perfectly complements roasted pork or gorgonzola. Piled on top is some precious truffle honey I found at a local discount store, the Bargain Bank. It's terrific with cheese like parmesan.

I'm skipping the little sample jars, but let me tell you about the honey I bought in Florida at the International Mango Festival from vendor Bees-N-The-Keys. I bought mango honey, key lime honey and tupelo honey. The mango and especially the key lime honey are wonderfully fragrant. Tupelo honey comes from the tupelo gum tree which grows along river swamps in Florida. The bees are placed on elevated platforms over the water and their resulting honey is light in color with a delicate flavor and will not granulate.

The black sage honey was a gift from a reader and it never crystallizes either. It has a fruity scent with vanilla notes. It is very rare and very delicious. The sourwood honey I bought in Asheville after tasting the unbelievably good prize-winning sweet potato salad made with it at Laurey's Catering. You'll find the recipe in her charming book, Elsie's Biscuits. I have New Zealand manuka honey which I bought on impulse at a sale after the Fancy Food Show last year. It is supposed to have healthful properties, it purportedly can help with everything from colds to skin infections, but I have yet to try it. Finally I have macadamia blossom honey, a gift from my parents. it is dark and very rich tasting.

I've already posted my all about honey post, so I don't have any more suggestions for how to use it at the moment. How about you? Is there a secret collection lurking in your pantry?