Saturday, February 24, 2007

When you go away you miss a lot of stuff. When you get home you notice little things and wonder, when did that happen? Barely a year ago the redesigned Cooking with Amy launched. Now I look around and see lots of wonderful redesigned food blogs and some new ones to boot. Here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

1. Bits and Bites
This is the newish food blog from our local 7x7 magazine (if the name sounds odd, keep in mind San Francisco is seven miles square). Like the Gourmet magazine blog, Choptalk, Bits and Bites has got lots of wonderful observations from the magazine's food and wine editors. It's a bit like hanging out with foodie friends who tell you about the dinner they had the other night at Piperade, or their favorite food finds at Costco, or how to make that fabulous cauliflower "couscous" style that chef James Ormsby used to make (oh James, how we miss you!). This blog really makes you feel like an insider.

2. Cook Think
First up in the redesign category is Cook Think. I raved about this blog back when it first launched but now it's really hitting its stride. At this blog you'll find thought-provoking pieces on vegetables, cooking techniques, you-name-it. Just this week I learned about marjoram, why to heat butter "until the foam subsides" and weighed in on the cabbage debate. And now there's a newsletter to sign up for called Root Source. I've signed up and can't wait to see what's in store.

3. Delicious Days
This gorgeous blog just gets better and better with every tweak. I'm not sure when it got this latest styling but it just makes me want to give Nicky and Oliver a big bravo! for their efforts. The recipes, photos and design inspire me on a regular basis.