Monday, September 04, 2006

Newsletter Links

I send out a Cooking with Amy Newsletter once a month. It consists of a few words from me, and links to recipes, book reviews and restaurant reviews that were posted during the month. I also try to give a sneak peek at what's to come, as best I can.

In each newsletter I also include my pick of links, usually three of my bookmarks that I think are interesting or just plain fun. For those of you who don't subscribe, below are the links I have sent out in my newsletter since it began a little over a year ago.

I hope you enjoy these, and if you do, consider signing up for the newsletter and discover a few new links each month. The next newsletter is due out tomorrow. I've switched to a new mailing list so if you had trouble signing up in the past, do try again, the form is in the left column.

Note: all links will take you away from this site

Cook's Illustrated How To Guides

Virtual Refrigerator Magnets

Recipe Contests

Waitrose Food Illustrated

Relish magazine

Thai Table
(home style recipes and cooking instructions)

Cuisine du Monde Cookery Quiz
(really fun!)

Taste magazine
(from New Zealand)

Jamie Oliver recipes

Clifford A. Wright Food HIstory Index
(great articles about Mediterranean food)

Greek Cuisine
(guide to recipes and restaurants)

Bon Appetit Cooking Class
(online tutorials and recipes)

Foodie View
(the ultimate recipe search engine)

Road Food
(Most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America)

Waiter Rant
(An excellent view from the "front of the house")

Posh Nosh
(Extraordinary Food for Ordinary People--Learn to relax an avocado, bamboozle a parsnip and shave a fennel, all on a duvet of rice paper in the cookery show to end all cookery shows)

Seafood Watch
(regional seafood guides )

(Asian Recipes)

Mariquita Farm Recipes

Flavor and the Menu
(trend forecasting in flavor)

King Arthur Online Baking Classes
(all free to download)

The Flavor Pyramid

CUESA Seasonality Chart

The World Carrot Museum

Whole Foods Market Recipes

The Gallery of Regrettable Food

The Ark of Taste

King Arthur Flour Recipes

Italian Regional Cuisine Guide

(Journal of Food and Culture)

Chow Magazine

How To Cook Everything Recipe Guide
(easy recipes from the TV show)

Spice Advice
(a spice encyclopedia)

Seasonal Chef
(celebrating locally grown produce)

The Citrus Flavor Wheel
(a guide to using various citrus)

To The Best of Our Knowledge
(food series from National Public Radio)

Gastronomic Meditations now The Gilded Fork
(an online food magazine)

The Umami Information Center

Real Simple's New Uses for Old Things in the kitchen

The Food Timeline
(dates and recipes in history)

Muffin Films

Store Wars

The Meatrix

To The Best of Our Knowledge
(recap of recipes and radio shows)

The Food Timeline
(dates and recipes in history)

Kooki Sushi
(cookies that really look like sushi!)

Museum of Food Anomalies

Fine Cooking magazine recipe site

Rude Food

The Co-op
(recipes brought to you by the Co-op)