Friday, September 08, 2006

A Blogger Returns...

Way back in the olden days, when I first started my blog, the blogosphere was a much smaller place. Not that I go back to the very beginning or anything. In fact, one of the most famous food bloggers, Julie of Julie/Julia was just winding down at the time that I started, some three years ago. Though food blogs were few and far between in those days, I did have some favorites even then.

While the number of food blogs has grown (yay!) a few wonderful ones have disappeared (boo!). And I miss them. Especially those daily reads that became like friends to me, people like Renee of Shiokdelicious, Jeremy of Frost Street and Caryn of Delicious!Delicious! Most recently Seattle Bon Vivant went dark and I wasn't alone in missing her happy, upbeat posts about tasty travels, delicious discoveries and restaurant ravings.

Well thank goodness, she's back! If you've read her site before then I'm sure you'll enjoy reading along again, and if you've never visited her site, by all means bookmark it now (and mine too while you're at it). In either case, stop by and welcome her back. So what's the site all about? I'll let "Viv" tell you in her own words:

"Seattle Bon Vivant is my very personal culinary chronicle of Seattle's food scene; my adventures in wine, cooking, baking, eating, noshing at local restaurants, entertaining at home with family, friends and neighbors, perusing the stands at the many fabulous Puget Sound area farmers markets all the exciting food & cooking related shopping to be done in the area and expanding my pantry, kitchen, table and cookery library.

These adventures are of course, always sprinkled, tossed and dashed with bits and pieces of the other schtuff that also tickles me pink: travels around the world, books, music, film, opera, ballet, Seattle events and as a perennial Francophile, of course, Paris!"

Just as bloggers have stories to tell, those who stop blogging have stories as well. Head over to her site and you'll see what I mean. And you'll understand why she hasn't been blogging the past few months.

Welcome back Viv, you were missed. And Renee, Caryn and Jeremy, I hope I see you on the web someday too.