Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's hard enough keeping up with local blogs, so I am a bit slower when it comes to discovering blogs from far away places. But here are some posts from blogs I've discovered just recently.

Lisa of Champaign Taste may live in Illinois but she had the same idea that I did, food bloggers should do something to honor the birthday of Julia Child this year. She's organized a fun event that everyone can participate in, do check it out

Ganda blogs from NYC, but in this post she writes about another place I love, that is sadly underrepresented which it comes to food blogging, Belgium. While there is neither chocolate nor frites in the post, there is cheese, sausage and waffles.

Also from the East Coast, is Cookthink. Brys and Chip began their blog with a manifesto. But don't assume they lack a sense of humor, just check out the Eat Local Food Pyramid. Then go ahead and explore some more.