Thursday, February 16, 2006

Food Fight!

Remember when if one country was really mad at another they pulled out of the Olympics? Well, that was stupid and only served to punish the athletes anyway. So now how far have we come? We rename food instead! As if calling french fries "freedom fries" wasn't dumb enough, apparently Iranians have decided Danish pastries just have to go and have replaced them with "Rose of Muhammad".

What is even more stupid is that Danish pastries are really French in origin and there is no definitive proof that french fries originated in France. It's more likely they were created by a Belgian chef in Spain, the place where potatoes were introduced to Europe.

So where will it end? If the Germans get into it with Spain will they rename the Spanish mackerel? If the Albanians start fighting with the Greeks will they rename the Greek salad? Let's stick with the names we know and let countries find a better way to settle differences. Perhaps over a plate of Swedish pancakes (they can find my recipe here).