Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Food of the Month

Well it's October. And you know what that means. Or do you? There are so many food holidays this month it can be hard to keep track. So I thought I'd make a list to help you with your celebrations. You are planning to celebrate, aren't you?

October is...
Apple Month
Applejack Month
Caramel Month
Cookie Month
Dessert Month
Pasta Month
Pickled Peppers Month
Pizza Month
Popcorn Poppin' Month
Pork Month
Pretzel Month
Seafood Month
Vegetarian Awareness Month

October holidays
7th is Frappe Day
9th is Moldy Cheese Day
10th is Angel Food Cake Day
11th is Canadian Thanksgiving, also known as Turkey Day
13th is National Peanut Festival
20th is Brandied Fruit Day
22nd is Nut Day
24th is Bologna Day
28th is Chocolate Day
30th is Candy Corn Day

But if you want to skip all of these except of course for Chocolate Day, go right ahead! Personally I have no plans for Moldy Cheese Day yet...