Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sugar Bowl

In the morning there are three things needed in our household. A kettle, a tea pot and a sugar bowl. Oh sure you need the tea and a tea strainer and a cup or a mug but the main hardware for preparing tea is the kettle, the pot and the sugar bowl. Our kettle is a gorgeous affair that my sister bought us as a wedding present. It's a Windsor whistling tea kettle which is nearly as lovely to say as it is to use.

Our teapot is nothing special, which is kind of funny because we have a collection of no fewer than nine teapots. Not all of them function as teapots, one is a candle and another is a kitchen timer, but all in all there are still plenty to choose from. For everyday purposes the one I use is covered with a tea cozy we got at the Empress Hotel on our honeymoon.

Which brings us to the sugar bowl. I looked and looked and looked for a sugar bowl to meet my specifications--a lid with a notch, preferably attached to the bowl, and a spoon. Seems simple enough but just try looking and you'll see that most sugar bowls don't seem to come with spoons anymore. And certainly not the type that poke out the side of the lid. Last Fall I did find one though. Then last week I broke it. Fortunately I knew just where to go for the replacement. While Zinc Details does not feature the Bee House sugar bowl online, it is a really great shop featuring wonderful and afforadable contemporary design from all over the world, worth visiting online regardless. Their non-virtual shops are worth going to as well. Especially if you are still looking for the perfect sugar bowl.

Zinc Details
1905 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA


1842 Fourth Street
Berkeley, CA