Monday, December 22, 2003

Viva Mexico!

An all-inclusive resort. Included are not just food and drink but "activities". The advertised snorkeling trips have been long been cancelled (though you can borrow the snorkeling gear and search the pool for fish) and the bikes all have flat tires. So activities are limited to daily Mexican bingo--lotteria, volleyball and lounging poolside.

In addition to the meals in the dining room, Fiesta Inn, in San Jose Del Cabo has a swim up bar and a snack bar. The snack bar is the real center of activity. Imagine a menu composed of hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings, french fries, various quesadillas, fish tacos and unlimited guacamole, salsa and chips--all included of course. Now that's what I call vacation!

The guacamole here is just divine. It must be the most simple mixture of mashed ripe avocados, salt, cilantro, perhaps a bit of lime? but that's really it. Fresh tortilla chips fried up every day and a chopped fresh salsa of tomatoes, sweet onions, cilantro and hot peppers is served on the side. All you can eat. That and a pina colada make no other activities necessary.

So what happens to the leftover chips? Every morning the breakfast buffet offers chilaquiles, a kind of Mexican comfort food made of a salsa verde, stale chips, a crumble of Mexican cheese, some cilantro and slivers of raw onion. I can't tell you why this combination works so well, I can only tell you that after eating it a few times you may wonder if you have some Mexican blood in you. Viva Mexico!